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primary goal is to create a better world. In addition to physical fitness and real-world self-defense, we strive to use martial arts to create successful well rounded people - true leaders - who stand out amongst the rest.

With over 30 years combined experience, the Polaris Martial Arts instructors are passionate about improving the lives of others through physical, mental, and emotion training through the martial arts. Polaris Martial Arts is devoted to bettering the lives of each student.

Our students are not only trained physically to be able to defend themselves, but also mentally and emotionally to be able to overcome their fears and doubts. Polaris Martial Arts builds confidence to accomplish any task and become successful in life.

Instruction Team

Master Mace DeVries
Master Mace DeVries

Master Mace DeVries - 6th Degree Black Belt

Mace DeVries started his martial arts training in 1986 while attending Northwestern University. Training under now Chief Master Rick Whitehead and Senior Master Doug Nakane, Mr. DeVries grew not only his martial arts talent, but his passion for instruction and became a nationally certified instructor in 1989. After years of teaching for different senior ranks, Mr. DeVries opened his own school in his hometown of Crete, IL in 2003. Over his martial arts career Mr. DeVries has recieved many State and District Championship titles.

  • Nationally Certified Legacy Instructor
  • Tradtional Weapons World Champion
  • Multi-year State and District Champion
  • Traditional & Combat Gum Do Sword Certified
  • Oh Sung Do Sword Certified
Daniel Clancy
Daniel Clancy

Daniel Clancy - 4th Degree Black Belt

After training in Traditional Karate at an after school program for a year Mr. Clancy's passion for Martial Arts drove him to train at a full time facility. He started training at Polaris Martial Arts in 2005, receiving his 1st degree black belt in October 2005. Mr. Clancy became a nationally certified instructor in 2007 and has continued to grow not only his martial arts accomplishment, but his passion for instruction.

  • Nationally Certified Instructor
  • Multi-year State Champion
  • Double Combat Stick Fighting Certified
  • Basic Ground Defense Certified
  • Bully Prevention Specialist
Matthew Riccio
Matthew Riccio

Matthew Riccio - 3rd Degree Black Belt

Beginning his Martial Arts training at Polaris Martial Arts in 2007 at age 9, Mr. Riccio has not only grown physically in stature, but has grown as a professional martial artist and instructor. With his kind heart and his strong understanding of Martial Arts, Mr. Riccio is passionate about helping kids of all ages become world class martial artists and world class people.

  • Nationally Certified Instructor
  • State Champion
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